ACO Funki develop and produce stable equipment for pig producers worldwide. The product catalouge includes everything from complete ready-to-go solutions, dry and wet feeding, cribs, ventilation, floor systems and much more.

The company has a total of 2,400 employees, and they have offices in Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and China.


 ACO Funki wanted a solution, from which employees can access all material, whether they are in Denmark or China.


With the OmniShare app, ACO Funki have centralized their content management and increased control over useraccess and statistics.


 OmniShare has streamlined workflows in day-to-day tasks. Employees can easily access material even if they are out of office.

About the solution


ACO Funki has got the OmniShare app solution, based on our many standard features, which ensure the company's employees a user-friendly and thoroughly tested app.

The solution includes:

OmniShare for iOS

Archive in eight languages

User differentiated access

Offline access to material

OmniShare for iOS

With a large product range as well as customers and employees in several countries, ACO Funki wanted a solution, from which employees can access all relevant material, whether they are in Denmark or China.

The OmniShare app is based on our many standard features, which ensures employees a user-friendly and thoroughly tested app.

ACO Funki's OmniShare app is designed, to fit the existing designguide.

The app is published to iOS.

Archive in eight languages

The app contains a comprehensive archive of eight languages, allowing employees around the world to access material using the same tool.

Everything from product and case descriptions, photos, videos and price lists is digitally available in the app.

With centralized content mangement for all languages, the OmniShare app saves a lot of time when uploading and updating content. Further, the app notifies users across the world, when new versions are uploaded - Keeping everyone up-to-date.


User differentiated access

With lots of employees spread across several continents, it is convenient to configure user differentiated access to some content. 

Some employees might only have to deal with one market, or a specific customer group. In such cases it possible to differentiate the access to content depending on the singler users needs.

With this setup, employees only have to deal with material that is relevant to their daily work.

The employees can quickly locate or search for the content they need and focus on their main objective of sales and service work.

Offline access to all material

With the goal of streamlining internal work processes, we have ensured that employees at ACO Funki always have access to the app's content.

Employees should not worry about whether, or not they have a network connection. The app can be used when and where, as there is both online and offline access to all content.

About the outcome


ACO Funki has got an OmniShare solution, from which the employees can obtain all kinds of material in different languages for all eight markets. 
This has optimized daily workflows, as employees do not have to spend time, searching for materials in different places.

Further, this optimization has resulted in a more efficient sales process, which has increased by 10% annually since the introduction of the OmniShare app.
The use of the OmniShare app will also affect the company's communication and appearance, which will be more uniform and professional.

To summarize, the outcome is related to:

Optimized work processes

Sales process optimization by 10%

Professional appearance

"OmniShare contacted us, because they had an idea, of how we could centrally manage our sales force, across most of the world and save us some resources.

We took a good chat about what we did today, and OmniShare made their honest opinion on how they thought we could make it smarter.

Throughout the collaboration I felt that I was met with a good understanding of the needs we have, and therefore I highly recommend OmniShare as a partner"

Bruno Uldum Purchase
Aco Funki

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