GN Resound is one of the world's largest manufacturers of hearing aids and audiological equipment.

The company markets and services a full range of hearing aids and is available in more than 100 countries worldwide.


GN Resound wanted a tool, to be used at trade fairs and as an internal tool for more effective sales and marketing work.


With OmniShare GN Resound have access to all our standard features as well as custom integration with beacons.


GN Resound now have access to all their content during trade fairs for effective data collection about their behaviour.

About the solution


With OmniShare, GN Resond have a complete tool for product presentations at trade fairs and salesmeetings.

The offline access allows for seamless presentations of PDFs, video and much more, without having to worry about an internet connection. This eliminates buffering and waiting time for content to load.

With custom beacon integration, GN Resound can monitor their stand at trade fairs and easily collect data about number of visitors, entry/exit points, time spend and much more. This is valuable data for optimization of future layout changes at trade fairs.

iOS and Android

Beacon integration

Simple back-end

Access content offline

OmniShare for iOS and Android

The OmniShare app was the perfect solution to GN Resounds need.

Or many standard features ensures, that GN Resounds sales reps have a powerful salestool for use at salesmeetings, to present products in a professional manner.

Furhter, the OmniShare app is perfectly suitable for use at tradefairs, where offline access to content allows for seamless interactions with the brand.

Integration with beacons

GN Resound is participating in trade fairs all around the world, which is a significant expense.

To better understand the numbers and interactions with visitors, GN Resound requested a custom integration with beacons to their OmniShare app.

With beacons, GN Resound can monitor their stand and collect data about entry/exit points, the number of visitors and how the move around the stand. All this data is easily exported to Excel for further analysis.

This data can then be used to improve the visitors experience, location of products and genral optimization of their stand.

Simple back-end

The OmniShare back-end is web based and easy to use. From here GN Resound can manage all content and distribute it to specific contries and users with user-groups.

As a part of the OmniShare standard features, GN Resound can also monitor app usage and send direct push messages about app updates and much more.

All OmniShare admins at GN Resound are thoroughly introduced to all the back-end features and always have support at hand.

Access content offline

Another feature of the OmniShare app, that GN Resound benefits greatly from, is the offline availability. This means that all content is accessible, even when the device is offline.

When participating in trade fairs, this feature allows GN Resound to display products, show videos and much more, without having to worry about a stable wifi or cellular connection.

Visitors can go through all the material and not experience slow loading times or video buffering.

This ensures a professional presentation and interaction with the GN Resound brand.

About the outcome


With OmniShare, GN ReSound now have a complete sales- and marketing tool for both sales reps and use at trade fairs.

The app streamlines the sales process, by collecting all sales and marketing material within one app. Futher, the OmniShare app ensures a uniform and professional presentation of products at trade fairs.

As a custom solution for GN Resoud, integration with beacons, allows for smart data collection at trade fairs, to gain insights about visitor interactions, which is used to continiously improve the layout and retain visitors at trade fairs.

Workflows are streamlined

Easy data collection

Proffessional appereance

Increased customer focus

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